The Next Generation of Wearables

6th Mar 2023
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To ensure real-time communication and data accuracy, enterprises are often forced to compromise on workplace ergonomics. Therefore, enterprise mobility is not fully mobilizing front-line employees. In most cases, staff must carry big, bulky, and heavy mobile devices with repetitive grab-and-drop motions.


However, like most business solutions, there is always room for improvement. To cater to global market demands, enterprises need to move on and preserve their attempts to achieve more efficient and flexible options that stand out in an ever-changing market.


Advancements in technology are helping countless workforces streamline their efforts. But some of the most exciting recent developments can be attributed to the rise of wearable scanning devices.


Fortunately, the next generation of wearable scanning devices by Newland AIDC is here to propel this technology into the future. Learn how this exciting development can benefit your industry in the long run.


  WD1 Enterprise Smart Watch  


Crafted for a seamless operational experience, Newland AIDC's WD1 Enterprise Smart Watch offers everything you would expect from the leader of industrial mobile devices. Its ergonomic design and voice-operated capabilities make it a perfect fit for complex working conditions. This Android-based industrial watch also features integrations with Ndevor, Newland AIDC's cloud-based device management platform.


Ndevor was built to be the easiest way to manage all your Newland mobile devices, including the WD1. Ndevor's multifarious features will bring you a new experience managing individual items or batches, allowing you to venture further than ever.


  BS20 Badge Scanner  



Scan Hands-Free and revolutionize your productivity with this cutting-edge device. Say goodbye to the hassle of holding a scanner and embrace a new level of convenience and efficiency. With the Ring Scanner BS20, you can effortlessly scan barcodes with a simple finger gesture, making your work process smoother than ever before.


  BS30 Badge Scanner  

With a sleek, feather-light physical design, the Badge Scanner BS30 propels you into the future of scanning technology. The latest Bluetooth technology enables any mobile device or tablet, even your staff's mobile phone, to become a data processing center with a barcode scanner. Enterprises can quickly increase scanning performance without purchasing additional mobile scanning products to complete scanning tasks by simply attaching the BS30 to a lanyard.



  BS50 Glove Scanner  


Newland AIDC's Glove Scanner BS50 is a comfortable and practical introduction to modern scanning technology. The device offers an optimized workflow with its lightweight and ergonomic design. With Newland AIDC's specifically designed glove, users only need to press the side-mounted scanning trigger lightly to read a barcode and achieve real-time data transmission with the latest Bluetooth technology. Wearing this compact yet powerful device, warehouse workers can scan any barcode without dropping or lifting the package in their hands.


  BS80 Companion Scanner  


Farewell to the complicated operation and cast off the heavy housing, Newland AIDC's pocket-size BS80 lights on your hand with its slim figure. With its distinctly designed buttons, this elf magics your tedious workflow into a sure of efficiency and masters your productivity at a snap.



A connection tool developed by Newland AIDC allows its Bluetooth scanner (BS30/BS50/BS80) users to achieve fast connection and professional scanning function expansion with simple barcode scanning.



Experience the Future with Newland AIDC Today

From transportation and logistics companies to retail, hospitality, and manufacturing businesses, almost every industry can use barcode scanning technology to maximize operational productivity. Introducing the next generation of scanning technology, Newland AIDC wearable scanning devices speak for themselves by incorporating into virtually all enterprise workflows regardless of your operation's complexity.


• Retail & Hospitality

Most retail operations rely on efficient scanning technology to maintain staff productivity and satisfy customer needs. When retail shoppers want to know if a specific item is in stock or available in another size, color, or style, our wearable scanning device can help your employees assist customers immediately instead of bringing the product to a kiosk or wired scanner to access the relevant information.


• Transportation & Logistics

Traditional scanners can be cumbersome and distracting for warehouse employees when forced to switch between tasks and devices throughout a full shift physically. In a distribution center, workers might need to pick up a package, carry it to a scanning device, kiosk, or wired scanner, and then sort the item, which fragments the process and wastes precious minutes.

When equipped with a wearable scanning device, warehouse staff can enjoy scanning packages as soon as they receive them on the spot, preventing any workflow interruptions.


• Manufacturing

To measure and improve the efficiency of assembly lines, workers frequently scan production parts throughout the workday. By using a wearable glove scanner, employees can significantly reduce the time it takes to grab and drop scanners repeatedly, thus increasing operational speed.


The possibilities offered by our next generation of wearable scanning technology are unprecedented and fit right into the Newland AIDC ecosystem. With extensive industry experience, Newland AIDC is constantly pursuing innovations to improve the user experience and efficiency for all industries and enterprises.


Browse Newland AIDC's new product lineup to see how our cost-effective solutions can improve your operations!