Revolutionize Manufacturing Operations with The NVH220

24th Jul 2023
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Introducing The Latest Intelligent Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner By Newland AIDC



In the fast-paced and dynamic manufacturing industry, accurate and efficient barcode scanning is vital for streamlined operations. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by manufacturers, such as complex barcodes, harsh environments, and system integration complexities, Newland AIDC proudly presents the NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner. This cutting-edge solution is designed to overcome the complexities of barcode scanning in manufacturing environments, empowering businesses to maximize productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.





  Dual-core Drive  - Powerhouse Performance for Efficient Operations 

Fast scanning capabilities are highly desired in the manufacturing industry, particularly in high-speed production lines where precision and speed are both crucial. The NVH220 delivers on this requirement with its dual-core drive enabling rapid and accurate barcode scanning. With a seamless decoding experience, stability, and lower power consumption, the NVH220 provides a reliable solution that keeps up with the demands of modern manufacturing.


  AI-assisted Processing - Precise Positioning and Accurate Decoding  

The NVH220 is equipped with advanced AI processing capability, empowered for precise positioning and accurate decoding. Leveraging the Genius core industrial decoding algorithm, trained on a vast database of images, this scanner effortlessly decodes a wide range of complex barcodes.



  Auto-learning - Rapid Configuration with a Single Press  

Frequent configuration adjustments when facing with changes in barcode types or materials can be time-consuming and frustrating, causing delays and interruptions in operations. However, activating the intelligent learning mode on the NVH220 is as easy as pressing a button. In an instant, the scanner begins analyzing the barcode and material conditions, intelligently adjusting its settings to achieve optimal scanning performance.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to barcode scanning technology, the NVH220 simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on your tasks without unnecessary complications.



  Advanced Illumination System - Illuminating Every Barcode with Precision  

In addition to its advanced scanning capabilities, the NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner boasts an innovative Tricolor Illumination system offering direct white and red LEDs and diffuse blue ring LEDs. This comprehensive lighting setup allows NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner for flexible switching and seamless adaptation to different materials, shapes, and backgrounds, ensuring optimal barcode visibility and enhancing decoding accuracy.





  Diverse Scenarios & Easy Mastery  

The NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner addresses the challenges faced by manufacturers with its adaptability to diverse barcode and material scenarios. Whether it's low-contrast barcodes, curved surfaces, stained labels, or high-density dot matrix codes, the scanner optimizes settings for fast and precise results. Its intelligent learning mode enables seamless switching between decoding situations without re-configurations, making it an invaluable tool for manufacturers.



  Built to Last - Durability and Comfort Combined  

The NVH220 is built with a high-protection industrial structure design to ensure optimal performance in harsh manufacturing environments. It is IP64-sealed, providing robust protection against dust and moisture ingress, and can withstand drops from up to 1.8 meters, offering durability and reliability in rugged conditions. Additionally, weighing just 165 grams, the NVH220 features a compact and ergonomic design that offers a comfortable grip, minimizing operator fatigue and enabling efficient work for extended periods without discomfort.


  Enhanced Mobility with the Wireless Bluetooth Version  

The NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner is available in both corded and Bluetooth versions, providing flexibility and adaptability to different operational requirements. Whether uninterrupted scanning during long working hours or enhanced mobility and freedom of movement from the workstation is highly required, the NVH220 series provides options that suit specific needs and workflows.


  Multi-platform Compatibility - Seamless Integration for efficient manufacturing operations  

The NVH220 ensures seamless integration into existing systems with its compatibility across popular operating systems. Additionally, Newland AIDC offers NSet, an intuitive client application that simplifies scanner setup and parameter changes, facilitating real-time debugging, firmware upgrades, configuration comparison, barcode creation, command interaction, and quick selection tools. With support for USB, RS-232, and PS/2 interfaces, the NVH220 guarantees easy connection and compatibility, while the optional Ethernet module enables Ethernet connectivity for enhanced versatility.


Newland AIDC NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner is a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. Not only its advanced features of high protection industrial structure design, with the dual-core drive, and AI-assisted processing it addresses the unique challenges faced by manufacturers in barcode scanning.


"As collaborated with numerous clients in their manufacturing operations, I have witnessed the challenges they face in barcode scanning," said Mr. Mengyi, Chen, the Head of R&D, Industrial Solution. "I firmly believe that the NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner will truly revolutionize their operations and provide them with the solutions they need."


Trust in our expertise and empower your business with the latest barcode scanning technology. Experience the future of barcode scanning with the NVH220 Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner from Newland AIDC!


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