Revolutionize Data Capture with Newland AIDC's Embedded Barcode Scanning Solutions for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs) & Laboratory Applications

10th May 2023
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In today's rapidly advancing world of auto-identification technology, the integration of cutting-edge solutions has become crucial for various industries. As IVD and biotech companies continue to mature, the demand for professional scanning technology to facilitate effective product development is on the rise.

Barcode scanning has gained wide adoption in IVD applications such as diagnostic device automation, tracking and tracing of reagents and specimens, and identifying and validating vials and caps.



  Effortless Integration and Reliable Automation  

Newland AIDC offers a range of reliable barcode scanners and OEM scan engines that can be seamlessly adopted and embedded into your IVD devices or biotech systems. Our premium sensors provide an ultrawide scanning field and superior depth of field (DOF), making them perfect for reading barcodes inside analyzers. We are proud to be collaborating with leading IVD and biotech companies globally, sharing our OEM scan engine applications for immunoassay analyzers, microbiological counters, laboratory analysis devices, fluorescent immunoassay analysis systems, and more.


  Benefits of Newland AIDC's Embedded Scanning Solutions  

By choosing Newland AIDC as your scanning solutions provider, you can experience a range of benefits tailored to meet specific requirements:


  • Automated Laboratory Processes: Our barcode scanning solutions enable the automation of key lab processes, reducing reliance on manual intervention and minimizing human errors.

  • Improved Quality, Efficiency, and Accuracy: Newland AIDC's advanced barcode scanning solutions provide superior scanning experiences with excellent motion tolerance to maximize operational efficiency.

  • Increased Throughput: Streamlined data capture and integration enable higher throughput, accelerating time-to-market and enhancing productivity.

  • Compliance with Regulations: Newland AIDC's scanners help laboratories comply with global and local regulations governing data capture and identification, ensuring adherence to industry standards



  Product Highlights  

When you choose Newland AIDC as your embedded scanning solutions provider, you benefit from the following product highlights:


  • High-Speed Scanning: Our scanners offer high-speed scanning capabilities, allowing for rapid data capture and processing.

  • High IP Rating: Designed to withstand the demands of laboratory environments, our scanners have a high IP rating, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • Accuracy: Newland AIDC's advanced barcode decoding technology ensures accurate and reliable barcode reading, even for challenging barcodes.

  • Small Scanning Blind Area: Our scanners feature a small scanning blind area, ensuring accurate capture of even the smallest barcodes.

  • Seamless Integration: Newland AIDC's scanning solutions are designed for easy integration into existing laboratory infrastructure, minimizing disruption and downtime.


  Solution Highlights  

Newland AIDC's FM515 and FM510 Series


Newland AIDC's FM515 and FM510 Series offer accurate, agile, and adaptive solutions are purpose-built for seamless integration into IVD and laboratory applications. These high-performance, fixed-mount barcode scanners, are available in flat and upright scanning models, catering to diverse installation requirements.



Newland AIDC's scanners employ a robust decoding algorithm specifically designed for medical applications, enabling accurate reading of challenging barcodes—be it incomplete, damaged, or low-contrast. With a decoding rate of up to 780 scans per second, fast-moving barcodes on high-speed turntables can be swiftly captured.


The FM515 Series excels at reading detection instruments with 1-8 rows, offering exceptional reading distances of up to 190 mm. Even with high-throughput manual injection, this series ensures ultra-high decoding efficiency.



The FM510 Series, equipped with a wide field of view, is engineered to decode high-speed moving barcodes on test tubes at short distances.



Both series boast a compact design, splash resistant IP54 rating, and extended flexibility for various IVD instruments.


Experience the precision and efficiency of Newland AIDC's advanced scanning technology in revolutionizing your laboratory data capture. Our embedded barcode scanning solutions offer seamless automation, swift data capture, and effortless integration, driving efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings in IVD and laboratory operations.


Embrace automation with Newland AIDC to unlock the potential of our advanced technology. With a global service network, timely support, and a focus on maximizing ROI, Newland AIDC offers tailored solutions for your specific needs in IVD and laboratory applications. As your reliable ally, we are dedicated to optimizing processes, enhancing quality, and boosting productivity. Leverage our state-of-the-art scanning capabilities, unparalleled accuracy, and seamless integration to achieve remarkable results.


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